Saturday, September 12, 2009


As I have been talking to other friends these past two weeks I have heard absolute horror stories. I don't know if my kids just happen to be legitimately good kids or what, but I feel so blessed. I love my students so far! Yah, absolutely, there are those moments where I am like "really?? REALLY?" just go home. But honestly, overall I would say there is not ONE student that I dread coming to school each day. I mean there is one or two that would make my day a LOT easier if they happen to be absent (which they never seem to be...) but that's okay. I look at those as little challenges everyday!

I think having that great relationship with my students has really helped out too. I went to the football game last night and got 20 hugs from students, and probably 5 or 6 weren't even my students! The kids are just great. They've got a good attitude most of the time and if they stay away from trouble and their anger, there is no reason why every interaction they have will be great. Everyone was in a good mood last night and social, none of this fighting business. The game was fun, enlightening, and relaxing.

I was asked to be BAND DIRECTOR last night. HA what a funny. I am not so musically inclined and but I tried! I cheered for them, sat with them, helped them get everything out/put away. That was about it. The band is collapsing without a band director (the new one starts on Monday!) but I know they've got some talent so I am sure it will turn around.

Well, I am off to take the Praxis II -- Essays. Wish me luck!


  1. I think you should be band director. You'll be a teacher, a coach, and bus driver, a band director, and pretty soon you'll run the entire school. I want more hugs when I go to places.....I'm a little jealous.

    It sounds you are having quite an impact on your students if they are greeting you so warmly. Despite the occasional road bump it seems that you're excelling as a teacher very well. I am proud.

  2. GOOD LUCK with the Praxis!!!! : )

  3. Your kids are so lucky to have you!

    Have a good weekend - Good luck with the Praxis!