Monday, April 25, 2011

Today was infuriating. Literally every other freaking minute they were on the announcements making some obscene note that was absolutely a necessity to that exact moment. I can not handle it anymore. Saying the announcement in an ludicrously loud tone, with a "there's a wild man with a gun" tone to every absolute announcement, and having one of these damn things every other minute.

For instance, today I had a student leave about 2 minutes into 3rd period to "get a aspirin" from the office. NINETY FIVE MINUTES LATER I decided I was pissed. Yes, last 95 minutes. That is my grace period. Last year, it was about 6 minutes. 18 months of numbing later, I am up to 95 minutes. I feel like that is pretty forgiving. Well, after THREE check-ins to the office with varying response (ie a "I'll get back to you...." no response, a secretary saying "oh, she was around here awhile ago," and "well, she's a good kid, so I wouldn't worry about it" ON THE PA SYSTEM TO MY ENTIRE CLASS), I took the walk down. Obviously I had a riot on my hands in class because they were infuriated that this girl could get away with anything, while they get written up for "opening their mouths." So, in the office I ran into ANOTHER girl who had missed class earlier, and I had turned in a truancy write up for (because I got NO NOTE). She informed me that said student was giving blood. I said, well, do I have a list of the people who are giving blood? Is there a reason why she has been gone for 100 minutes now? Do you have any idea if she'll ever be back?


Then, the announcement came. For the fifth time in ONE PERIOD we were interrupted by the PA system. This time our counselor decided to give this speech (in the middle of the class, mind you) "Hello teachers. As you know, because I put it on the bulletin the entire week last week, the blood drive is today. The AMERICAN red cross that is here. AMERICAN red cross. We are so happy to have students giving blood to the AMERICAN red cross, and hope that you will be forgiving of these students who are trying to help the AMERICAN red cross. Please understand their absences and understand that I am not able to write a note for every student back to class. Thank you, and again, remember this is for the American Red Cross."

Okay, that's a little over exaggerated. BUT a few take aways;

1. You're an asshole teacher if you're complaining right now because this is America, damnit!
2. You're still an asshole teacher if you expect you students to be in class, I mean, this is for AMERICA
3. Don't expect ANY notes or ANY accountability. In fact, no proof that they were even giving blood...just accept that kids might be skipping today
4. There are SO many students at Clarendon High School that I can not POSSIBLY be expected to write notes for them (NOTE: 15 students gave blood today)
5. When I said it was on the bulletin last week, THAT'S NOT TRUE (because, I, Ms. Butler, am the asshole teacher who keeps every bulletin and checked your bullshit)



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