Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saying Goodbye, Not On Your Terms

Today was a rough day. Sorry to be blogging about negative things, I know you don't want to read from a whiner. But, this was a tough situation that I feel like I need to journal about.

Our direct of the Delta and our placement specialist (both who rock my socks off)  of the Delta came to Clarendon today to see about placement for next year. Well, obviously they both know that I will be leaving for the Rio Grande Valley in a few short months, and certainly not back at Clarendon next year. Unfortunately, the only person I had told in my district about that was my Superintendent.

They consequently mentioned it, thinking I had told, and my Superintendent reacted normally, but my Principal did not. He was surprised, I am assuming mad, and certainly at least annoyed. That meeting ended fine, and in good spirits, but then my Principal came back to campus. In the time frame of about noon until 1 pm he managed to tell at least five teachers, and God knows who else that I was leaving. And, as previously mentioned, I had told NO ONE YET. Ugh.

I am really sad about the situation. He told some important people to me, including the Literacy coach, my favorite fellow English teacher, and the athletic director. Really, I was upset because I wanted to tell my English teachers, the Literacy coach, the librarian, and 2 coaches that have helped me quite a bit throughout my time here. Now, those people found out via other adults...and word of mouth. Ugh #1.

That's the first issue. The second issue I have with the entire situation is ...THE PRINCIPAL SAW ME and DIDN'T APPROACH ME. Why would he not professionally say "congrats" or "I'm disappointed you didn't tell me" or "I'm sorry you'll be leaving us, but I wish I had heard it from you," or many other options? Why did he spread it so quickly, to people that didn't need to know that information TODAY. I don't understand if it was done on purpose, or just careless, or just small town gossip at it's finest. Ugh #2.

My third issue -- the students. The real reason I haven't told many people is because of the same time of situation happening with students. I tell a teacher who is careless and tells some students, and wahhlaa everyone in the school knows I am leaving. It's a frustrating thought to be concerned with because 1. I have a lot to still cover, 2. I love the kids, and don't want them to think I am ditching, 3. there is still 7 weeks of school left! Ugh #3.


  1. Caitlin that sucks. I think that sometimes people want other people to think that they are closer to people than they really are. So kind of fitting that he told the EXACT people you were going to tell. "Hey there Caitlin told me this, oh you didn't know???? Hmmm, might not be as close to her as I am." Whatevs punk. I hate that sort of passive agressive stuff. And I would not expect much from him, he probably isn't capable of much more than "See yah!" People are weird with big news it makes them crazy and they feel like the only way to stop it is to get rid of it and the entire time they know it's not their news to tell!

    I am glad I heard it from you chica! Much love from MN. xoxo

  2. Oh no that was from Tracy of course, forgot to sign it........!!!!!!!

  3. thanks, Tracy! it'll be an interesting last 6 weeks at school!