Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We have two and half weeks until Christmas break. The last week used to be considered "exam week," but is now under review for a different possibility. Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating.

In the past on the Friday right before break, the kids would come in and have 1 exam, leave at 1030, and teachers would follow soon after at 12. Now, we are to have a full day on both Thursday and Friday. That's lame, and tiresome. The newly proposed plan is to have a one hour study hall before each exam. What!? I foresee a few problems with that;

1. No one will study the night before
2. People will not want to study during their time in class, equaling pink slips/write-ups
3. Teachers will not fill up the entire hour (myself included), equaling pink slips/write-ups
4. Students will be given the answers immediately before taking the test, therefor not testing their knowledge, but instead their ability to remember something in a short period of time

Just a few. Sometimes I feel like there needs to be more communication and group brainstorming before these type of decisions are rolled out. Especially getting input from the teachers that actually TEACH and deal with the issues/kids in this context each day.

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