Monday, December 13, 2010

Fight, Fight, Fight

Grabbed/tackled/forced/pushed/broke-up my first fight tonight. Well, kind of. I've been involved in a few break ups before, but tonight was the topper for sure. I just can't begin to tell you.

So, one of our players gets fouled? Maybe. Debateable. Well, she gets pissed and decides to cuss at the other girl who then pushes, we push back, and said girl from other team throws a killer punch into our players jawline. Then, all hell breaks lose. We had one dumb girl jump out of the stands, stupid stupid stupid. We had the other team's bench completely empty out. Stupid stupid stupid.

I am FLOORED by this "loyalty" students have to each other. Loyalty to my teams (which I only EVER witnessed two fights and it certainly wasn't punches, just some pushing) was holding your teammate back so that they calmed down. Here, loyalty is fighting right along side with them. What are you doing? Why are you going down with someone who is hot headed and out of control? When they were in the wrong, why are YOU taking up for them? I just don't understand.

So, in the end, we cleaned up some weave, I body wrapped a girl and lifted her up and out, yelled and kicked out almost 10 people from the game, and ejected 7 players. What a giant waste of time. Sometimes I wonder if I should have just been a teacher, and not a coach. My major drama and headaches come from that source. Yet, I do love coaching and having those relationships with the students. I don't know. Culture, culture, culture. How do you change culture?

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