Saturday, July 18, 2009

A School Bus?

I was really excited to coach this year, so upon arrival in C I was disappointed to see that only two of my colleagues were getting the opportunity to coach. So, I asked some questions! Does anyone need assistance? Does anyone want to take a break this year? Etc., etc.

And waahla (I think that's how you spell it)!! I was called yesterday to assistant coach senior girl's basketball and in the spring, softball!! Now, the last time I played either of these sports was my first year of high school, but that's a different story. I can learn, right? Meh.

BUT, the best part of yesterday's conversation is that the coach told me I have to get a COMMERCIAL DRIVER'S LICENSE. Do you know what that translates to readers? It means I need to be able to drive a SCHOOL BUS if needed. A SCHOOL BUS. ME = a SCHOOL BUS.

Now, if any of you have taken a ride in Diana, Goddess of the Hunt (my Subaru), you know that she is a crazy monster, but certainly NOT a school bus. And this is my life in Arkansas. What a GREAT thing to be asked within the first 48 hours. I just about died on the phone laughing! My coach was like, "It's not that different. You'll do fine." He asked why I was laughing so much! It's going to be awesome! I hope I pass my test and NEVER have to drive it, because I WILL DIE. Seriously, I am going to have to ask every student on the bus to be completely silent the entire time, otherwise I'll freak out.

Ah, my life. Who's jealous?

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  1. I seriously laughed outloud (in the airport, no less) when I read that. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR TEST! I hope you achieve BP or above (yeah, I just did that...).