Sunday, July 26, 2009

Moooreeeeee Prep??

Ah, and we though after Institute it would slow down. How wrong we were. Tomorrow my long term plan and big goals are due...and I am confused up the wazoo. I am sitting here working on them, yes I procrastinated (get over it), and am lost, lost, lost. I have this state objectives list in front of me, another lists of all the essential questions students must master, another of vocabulary recommended, another of SAT/ACT prep things if you want your students to succeed, another list from my TTLs that are "successful" resources, another.... AHHHH!!!

I don't know what is more important or more legitimate. I don't understand...I've never taught before people! Haha this is comical, all the while trying to remember what I liked/learned in 11th grade. So, here I am making a massive spreadsheet trying to compare all of these worksheets to see if they correlate in some odd way, although I have a sneaking suspicion they really don't. It's okay, just another form of procrastination (similar to be blogging now, and NOT working).

One positive about this process though: I am excited!! Reviewing all of these objectives I am starting to get excited again about teaching. The topics I get to present to students are things that I struggled with, but enjoyed. I loved some poetry and I love literary tools, something that is a major focus in 11th grade! My high school experience was great, but I never truly appreciated literature until college, when I majored in it! So, now I have to try and enlighten these students BEFORE college so that they can anticipate a successful career in writing and reading.

I'm going back to AR on Thursday for the long haul. I am excited for the new house, but a little nervous about this whole instructional leader of a classroom thing... haha.

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  1. My big goal is also due tomorrow. I have no idea what I'm doing.