Wednesday, March 24, 2010



Can you believe it's been 9 months? Well, I can't! 9 months of the kiddies, 9 months of a new city, region, state, lifestyle! There are so many things that have been learned, taught, etc.

What a great feeling to have, to be successfully done with this long of the year! I hope the kids feel like they have grown so much this year, because I have truly seen such a transformation of expectations and performance from them. My feelings of success are of course coupled with many things I need to change next year, and many more thoughts of anxiousness regarding our EOC scores.

Either way, with the successful completion of 3 quarters, there are definitely some kiddies that have changed over this year. Some of the ones I loved the first days, I still love! Some...not so much. Amazing how first impressions have effected some of my relationships with kids (and I am sure effected their relationships with me!).

That saying "first impressions are the most important," is pretty true. Then the research that says it takes 64 positive interactions to change a first impression....I really believe in that one. A LOT. I have made my classroom comfortable for a majority of my students, but there are truly 2 or 3 that I am uncomfortable with and it's pretty obvious that it's a joint relationship. I'll have to work on suspending judgement a little more next year, and walking about from emotionally charged situations once in awhile!

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