Monday, March 1, 2010

I think I'm too easy

We've been working on test prep for the last two weeks and the remainder of this week. At the beginning I thought I was totally going to be too hard on the kids....but now I am realizing, really they could have done much much more before the test (in this "unit").

I am not sure if I can do anything now, or if it would have really made a difference, but I think that we could have added a little grammar and a little open response practice. Eeeeekkks, maybe this is just one of those "hindsight is always 20/20" type of moments.

Either way, the ball is rolling and hopefully going to build momentum over the next week. We discussed today that the kids will have a healthy snack break, lunch provided, some breaks for relaxation, and other small things to hopefully help the students. I am thinking that these things will have a little impact (or so says the research) and hoping it will push those 10 bubble kids over the edge to success.

The staff has been great pepping up the kids and talking to specific students' that they have pull with. These relationships, coupled with lots of practice, and overall excitement are all motivational tools that can really pick up the spirit and anticipation. Prayers and thoughts are appreciated!

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