Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I am THANKFUL for....

I am thank for...

1. a job
2. my family and their vigilant watch on my sanity
3. a community that wants to keep our school open
4. my basketball girls that work hard everyday
5. having second lunch so that my afternoon consists of two classes, and basketball
6. having the best roommates this side of the Mississippi River
7. coordinated days off with those roommates that involve trips to Little Rock
8. the ability to travel throughout the year, to home and friends, to keep myself grounded
9. the exposure I have had to a different culture and lifestyle
10. the open minds I have found regarding people letting someone like ME teach their children
11. google voice, so that my children don't know my real phone number
12. learning how to deal with a town that does not operate on a 24 hour schedule, but instead a 12 hour one
13. my alarm, because God knows I would NOT wake up at 5:45 without it
14. my parents for getting me an air conditioner and installing it
15. itunes, so I can access music that is NOT country
16. our one radio station in town, and the local DJ that tells me all about the drama/gossip broadcast ed for all to hear
17. Teach for America and their vision & mission
18. my friends from home that have sent me mail, emails, and messages supporting me
19. anyone who reads this blog -- thank you for being my release of stress each night!!
20. my 25 minute (sometimes 17 when I am really late and have to speed --sorry mom) commute to and from school for decompressing
21. my placement in the Delta, because otherwise I never would have come here
22. Walmart
23. the library at school, I've started reading so much more then in college
24. my Subaru, Diana, she has been a trouper these past few months
25. the opportunity to interact with kids each day
26. Tom, Alex and Drew joining me on this ridiculous experience since the beginning (As we were driving to DSU the first day Tom and I were like "We should turn around... it's only a 10 hour drive back. I am sure we could find different jobs. SHIT I am scared" hahaha)
27. my Institute crew for getting through that ridiculous experience of intensity
28. Gatorade, I never thought I'd drink so much in my life
29. photographs of my family and friends, all over my desk and house
30. my organizational skills, because man, I'd be screwed without them
31. the four notes I've received this year from other teachers saying they love my classroom (now taped securely to my desk for the rest of the year)
32. the TFA quote "Find one moment every day, for every child, where they are doing SOMETHING correctly"
33. my high school experience and education -- I can't believe how much I have relied on it
34. my mother for being a Principal and telling me that my life is ridiculous sometimes -- but to deal with it
35. when I drive to school during sunrise or sunset on the rice fields
36. my XM radio and ipod for providing PUMP UP music each morning
37. boots from Target, I love stress shopping
38. C central office staff, they are too busy and too good at their jobs!
39. a supportive Principal, who doesn't let parents walk over you
40. construction paper
41. breakfast sandwiches
42. Little Rock, AR and Memphis, TN
43. my friends here in the Delta and their uncanning ability to organize a get together after the worst of weeks - reading my mind all of the time
44. text messages, and their instant responses!
45. exercise
46. support "life is all about the people you spend it with"
47. local business and the communities constant interconnectedness/dependence
48. Viva La Milli
49. the phrase "ya'll"
50. laughing until I cry
51. airplanes...and no delays
52. my new found calmness in response to anger or aggression from others
53. the lessons I have learned from the children this year
54. the opportunity to see poverty that was not considered "inner city"
55. my literacy coach who offers solid advice while also making us all feel comfortable in a new setting
56. Andrew being at C, and our daily debriefing after school of the out of control moments
57. the opportunity to go to a coed high school, since all-girls is all I knew!
58. the furnished house we found so quickly back in July
59. guacamole
60. my own classroom and working technology
61. my students unbelievable honesty about their understanding of subjects
62. the resources I am afforded
63. a fun coaching staff
64. Wisconsin and Minnesota, man they are great states!
65. Midwesterners' in general. I was attracted to them like magnets when I joined TFA--and now they are some of my closest friends down here!
66. the exposure TFA has allowed me to different people from all around the U.S. and beyond
67. the chance to reread some great books - like The Great Gatsby!
68. vacuums that suck up all these obnoxious lady bugs down here
69. our awesome flower bed/veggie garden that WILL be developed in the Spring (maybe...)
70. the US Postal Service
71. the main high school office staff for their patience with all of my questions
72. pink slips, and the reaction students have when I pull one out
73. Ms. Pam for being a great resource at CHS :)
74. my TFA program director, who has given me resources I would have never found on my own
75. my Ray Bans, love them!
76. the luck I have had this year
77. the call center, it was like teaching 100 high school students before I even got into TFA - thanks for the preparation
78. everyday I shake my head saying "man, I never thought this could happen in America" (MOST DAYS)
79. my roommates and our television obsessions (Tool Academy, Jersey Shore, etc.)
80. visitors!!!
81. gchat (and Mary always being on when I want her to be)
82. the warm weather
83. my big rubber rainboots
84. my natural support system here in Stuttgart
85. Easy Grade Pro, thank God, that's all I have to say
86. sad but true, my school director from this summer saying "THE CHILDREN THEY ARE LEARNING, THEY ARE LEARNING" and me laughing at him - but seeing it now
87. feedback every time someone comes into my classroom
88. being in the main building of the high school, so that students can stop by as they walk through school
89. having clear expectations regarding what I need to do this year
90. the Delta Whaaaaats and our email list, so that I can understand I am NOT the only one going through this
91. having 11 sick days to use this year
92. specific students who have really come through for me this year
93. being on a school schedule, which means vacation and summer
94. Milwaukee and living in an environment that caused tolerance
95. motivational moments
96. a good margarita once in awhile....
97. the fact that there are over 300 other people working in MS and AR towards a common goal
98. pen pals in Dallas and Houston
99. my dad for always listening to me complain :)
100. LIFE!

That was easier then I thought it would be. I know I've said it before, but I lead a blessed life with many things to be thankful for. It's nice to put it down so I can visualize it. It's like Ben Harper's song "I am Blessed." Listen to it sometime! And thanks for reading, I appreciate it.


  1. Awesome post! I can't believe you actually sat down and listed 100 things. I would love to catch up with you sometime, Caitlin...hear all about your cool experiences! Take care :)

  2. that's a long list! where is the minnesota wild? j/k, glad to see you are happy down there!