Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009, A Year to Remember

What a year, probably the most exciting thus far in my life!

Highlights of 2009:
1. NYE/NYD Madison - style with some great high school ladies!
2. 2nd semester of senior year, really it couldn't be better
3. Senior thesis project with Elyse and Lisa, great topic great friends!
4. 2 PE classes that I got credit for (in college...)
5. Training for my triathlon :)
6. Many nights of crazy colored nail polish
7. Norma jean's visit to minysoda
8. Spring Break 2009 - Asheville and Charleston with Susana and David!
9. Hiking in SB09 on the Blue Ridge Parkway
10. Beer Olympics 2009! Thanks Elyse, Alicia, and Tara!!
11. UMF 2009, My Sups, baby sups, and staff
12. UMF Boat Trip... oops
13. the schatz smile - thank you kearly
15. My brother coming for graduation!
16. graduation celebration night... solid (thank you Brendan, Rodrigo, Jacqueline, Laura!)
17. First and last experience at 80s night at Shout House
19. My going away part at 1209 (Thank you Jacqueline!!!) and everyone who came to visit
20. Alex, Tom, and Caitlin's Excellent Adventure to the Dirty Delta
21. Houston Institute 2009... in Diana
22. 10 at 10
23. New Orleans, INDIA HOUSE
24. Los Dirty Mexicanos
25. Teresa's wedding
26. "The children...they're LEARNING" CMA Group, Sharpstown!
27. Moving to the Delta...and into my beautiful house with grrrreat roomies!
28. Mississippi St. vs. Florida Football
29. Exploring Memphis/Little Rock, Arkansas/Mississippi
30. Adding 1,000 of miles to my car in a 5 month period.
31. My first demolition derby and anything else country I've experienced in AR
32. Visiting Minneapolis and Milwaukee during my first semester haven!
33. CHS and the wonderful staff I have met and gotten to know!
34. Kearly visiting the DD
35. Basketball season at CHS
36. Stealing Wally Walrus from Andrew and him having no idea for weeks
37. Girl Talk in MEM, Zac Brown Band in LIT
38. My toolettes
39. The Delta sunsets!
40. Another happy year with family and friends!

What a ridiculous year. College, crazy summer time, and now the real world - all in 12 months.
Thanks for the memories everyone, here's to another crazy year!!

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