Sunday, February 6, 2011

Delta Moments, #237

Ran out of gas last night. In a field. At night.

Sounds like the start to a horrible story right? It's not. Literally put my hazards on, and a Suburban about 800 feet in front of us hits his breaks, turns around (on the same side of the road, mind you), and in insane true to Delta form, had a freaking trailer on the back of his truck. A la 15 minutes later I was in a gas station, for free, without a problem, filling up my tank. Delta FOR THE WIN.

What is my life? And I asked the two guys if they wanted me to buy them gas? chicken? Sprite? Something???? No. Just to top off their tank ($10). I mean I really must have done something right for the last month because I don't know how that kind of thing happens.

Pay it forward. Immediately.

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