Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good morning everyone! So, really, I am NOT going to be this committed to the blogosphere after a few weeks, but I am so excited right now!

Well, yesterday a few kids got kicked out of my school. I am working in Houston at a middle school. The students here for summer school either failed the TAKS (a state-wide test), failed their grade/subject, were kicked out and attended alternative school, or had disciplinary/attendance problems. Now these kids must pass these classes, our diagnostic test, and the TAKS in the coming weeks to move onto 8th grade(for my class).

It's really interesting to be in a system that completely depends on test scores to determine if students are up to par. I have never felt the pressure to pass this and that test, nor as a teacher would I want to always be teaching to a impending test. It just seems that one thing should not completely own a person's education, right? And wow, the test anxiety must be beyond high for some of these kids! Doesn't sound like fun to me at all.

Anyway, a lot of the students are not having fun. Haha lets be honest, I am trying to make games and all of that kind of stuff, which works for about 20 minutes each time. I am going to keep trying, but when you have four 80 minute classes, a 20 minute lunch, and you're in 7th grade summer school during your SUMMER, you're not happy. (to say the least)

They are pretty badass kids, btw. I have three 15 year olds, two of which have had children. They all talk about drinking and smoking in their journals. I think back to when I was that age...playing laser tag and ghost in the graveyard (if i was lucky, right mom?). It's kind of sad to see how much they grow up and just lose what I loved about childhood. But I realized last night that really, that would have happened to me too had I had a bunch of 15-16 year olds in my classes too. I would have been friends with them, hung out with them, and eventually participated in activities they did too. So, if the high school students are doing it, then the middle schoolers will too...the trickle down effect. Which is too bad, in my opinion. Laser tag is pretty fun...

On a lighter note, I am going to New Orleans for the 4th of July weekend!! About 12-15 of us are staying in a hostel right by the French Quarter for what is sure to be a crazy weekend! My hostel:

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