Monday, June 29, 2009

academic papers, gone.

well, we're back again. Monday morning bright and early, actually it wasn't even bright and early (because it was 420AM when i got up), started the week off just right. I woke up to my lovely alarm, snoozed it twice and rolled out about 20 minutes later then planned.

And why you ask? Why was I awake at 420 AM this fateful Monday? Because I, the luckiest person on earth, have a broken computer here at Institute. Yesterday I came home after a relaxing few hours at the pool (thanks mary!) thinking about that sweet tan I was going to get (not), and tried to turn the power on my computer. And when I tried to do just that...there was nothing. nothing, nothing, nothing. this is my life.

alas, i have now purchased a new computer. so, i am going to try and not focus on all of the pictures i have lost, the music, the college work/publications I have made, or anything else of significant value, and instead think about the fact that i was lucky enough to be able to replace the computer immediately. moving on.

Ah, such is life here at Institute. Just keep trucking. Well, the computer's pretty sweet, so hopefully I'll eventually have some time to check that out. I'm not touching it until I have a case though...and i am NOT bringing it to school. we've got some sticky fingers here in Houston.

i hope everyone is having a good week/had a good weekend. I had a bit of homesickness this weekend, thinking aobut my family and friends and the nice weather/lakes up north. Houston has not quite caught my eye for best in class yet. ;)


  1. "Just keep trucking." So, so true. Sorry about your computer.

  2. woomiester - hopefully you didn't wipe out your entire savings to buy a new computer like i did.


  3. Your family has been thinking about you's been a long haul and we're impressed!